Ottawa Fence Restoration

Fences are the most overlooked wood installation found at your home. In so many cases, we’ve seen fences that have been allowed to fade and warp with age. However, rather than serving a simple utilitarian purpose, your fence’s quality and appearance can upscaled into another factor of your property that you can be proud of.

Like our Deck Restoration process, we put every ounce of professionalism we have into restoring your fence back to the beauty it had when it was first built. We clean and condition the wood, sand it down and replace any boards that have been compromised, and stain the wood with only the highest caliber stains, Sansin and C2 Guard.

Not only will these stains NOT peel, their durable finish will help your fence complement your home, deck, or even just your backyard or garden. The warm appearance of a well-maintained fence will surely provide a sense of ease and comfort as you work or relax on your deck or in your backyard.